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  • ThorFire TK4A LED Flashlight 1100 Lumens Most Powerful AA Light with 6 Modes, 4 AA Batteries Not Included
ThorFire TK4A LED Flashlight 1100 Lumens Most Powerful AA Light with 6 Modes, 4 AA Batteries Not Included
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ThorFire TK4A LED Flashlight 1100 Lumens Most Powerful AA Light with 6 Modes, 4 AA Batteries Not Included
ThorFire TK4A LED Flashlight 1100 Lumens Most Powerful AA Light with 6 Modes, 4 AA Batteries Not Included

ThorFire TK4A LED Flashlight 1100 Lumens Most Powerful AA Light with 6 Modes, 4 AA Batteries Not Included

US$42.99 US$99.99
Product Specification:
Extremely Bright: :TK4A LED flashlight, gives out MAX 1100 Lumens. Click to turn on, press and hold to turn off.
Multifunctional 6 Modes: :this AA flashlight monster has normal Low/Mid/High/Turbo and hidden firefly/moonlight and Strobe modes for different usages.
Power Indicator: :the side led indicator turns to Green/Orange/Red shows the different power status.
IPX8 Waterproof: :TK4A is tuff enough to survive for camping/hiking/caving/fishing/hunting etc.
What you get: :1x TK4A flashlight, 2x spare O rings, 1x holster, 40 days money back guarantee and helpful customer services!

Up to 1100 lumens maximum output, ThorFire TK4A is the most powerful AA flashlight.Multi Mode selection and Comfortable appearance design make the light simple to operate for everyone.

Modes: Low(30LM)-Mid(200LM)-High(600LM)-Turbo(1100LM), hidden Strobe(600LM) and Moonlight(1 LM)
Lifetime: with a lifespan of 20 years
Battery: Uses 4*AA Ni MH / Ni Cd/Alkaline(Not Included)
Material: Made of Aircraft-grade aluminum
Size:approx 115mm(Length) * 41mm(Body Diameter)
Weight: 178.5-gram weight (Excluding the battery)
Water resistant: IPX-8, underwater 2m
Impact resistant: 1m
Intensity: 11600cd (Max)
Distance: 460m (Max)

Battery Capacity Display
The switch button have a battery indicator light. The light will displaying “Green”, if the battery capacity is higher than 60%. If it is lower than 60%, it will turn to “Orange”. When it less than 15%, it will changed to “Red”.

Click the side switch to turn on, keep on clicking to change brightness levels from Low-Medium-High-Turbo, double click to activate Strobe mode, and another click goes back to the previous brightness level, press and hold the switch to turn off. When the light is off, press and hold to activate Moonlight mode, click to turn off.With the light OFF, press and hold the side switch for 1 second goes to Moonlight.

Intelligent Memory Circuit
The flashlight will memorize the last used (more than 3 seconds) brightness level. The next time you turn the flashlight on, it will activate on the last used output.

Package includes
> 1 x ThorFire TK4A flashlight
> 1 x Use Manual
> 1 x Lanyard
> 1 x Carry Pouch
> 2 x O-ring


Customer Reviews
Average rating: 5.0 (17 reviews)
By Chris C 17-04-20
... TN4A and a few Nitecore EA41’s so this seemed like a nice addition
I’ve had a Thrunite TN4A and a few Nitecore EA41’s so this seemed like a nice addition. I Sold my TN4A as I wasn’t keen on it then I sold my EA41 as someone really wanted it, I then replaced it a few days later with another one – I obviously preferred the EA41 to the TN4A so this ThorFire TK4A has to compete with my much loved, used and abused EA41. Contents of brown box of joy: Instruction manual, light, lanyard and a couple of o-rings. Standard stuff really. In hand: It feels nice, its a good size and has a good weight to it. The knurling on the body feels grippy too. This wont slip out of your hands in the wet unlike the EA41 that was a bit slippery. Have a look at it! It’s lovely. Nice knurling, not too aggressive. It looks “just right” to me. The button is nice and clicky. Springs / Contacts. No one seems to be able to keep the springs in the same places for their lights but these do the job.No double springs but on this sort of power it’s not a requirement in my mind. Nice beam, nice tint and I like the green power indicator. Nice smooth threads = smooth motion. Well lubed. Definitely not cheap feeling. Sizes: Head diameter: 41mm Tube length: 113mm Comparison: EA41 (left) vs TK4A (right) EA41 (left) vs TK4A (right) So you can see them side by side but when you’ve played with them for a while you can see the differences. Both feel really well made, both are really sturdy and I’m happy to say I think the ThorFire light will survive anything I’d throw at it. The tints are different, the ThorFire I’ve got is slightly warmer in tint and the throw is slightly less but it is totally usable both in the house and out and about. Line up ThoreFire C8S, ThorFire TK4A, ThorFire VG-15S I would usually copy and paste the spec of the item but the details are clearly available on many of the websites selling this light I’ll just give my opinion of the modes. Moonlight is properly low, it’s a very useable low that when I used it in my house at night it lit up only parts of the room I was pointing it at. This is perfect and I imagine the batteries will last ages. Each mode has a slight delay when swapping from mode to mode and the brightness levels seem nicely spread apart. I do like the fact that you can go from having it on full brightness, turn it off then go to use it on moonlight and once you turn it back on it’ll remember where it was before you was in moonlight. Conclusion ThorFire have created a very nice light that I’ll definitely suggest to people who want a high quality light that runs on bog standard AA batteries. This is a bit pricier than other ThorFire products BUT I think it is still good value for money as the quality really does compare with the bigger brand names. There have been a few in depth reviews on this light by other members of this forum and each person has said very positive things about this light. I originally thought ThorFire was a cheap light producer that made better than average lights but now I can see they’re making slightly more costly lights that fit the budget.

By jose89t 17-04-14
Very bright...
Very bright. Love that I can use regular battery, I use it for work on printing and I like that I can have it on my pocket

By Christopher Walkenbach 17-04-06
Small, Compact and Powerful
This is a great Flashlight. Small, Compact, has 4 modes that are slightly brighter than the next. Has a strobe function via 2 clicks of the power button. Hold down the power button to turn off.

By RobertB 17-03-23
Very nice 4xAA flashlight
This is the only 4xAA light I own. Actually, the only AA light I own that doesn’t use a Li-ion 14500 rechargeable. I bought a set of Energizer Lithium primary batteries just to test in this, but will get a set of Eneloops when these die. Do not use 3.7v lithium ion 14500s or you will blow the driver. The TK4A is a stout little light, a little shorter in length than a Convoy S2+, and 1.6 inches (41mm) in diameter. It comes in the standard Thorfire box with a lanyard, 2 o-rings, a manual, and a holster. The holster is rather flimsy, but works good as a protection bag for the light to toss in a backpack or the glove box of a car. The belt loop is sewn with a single stitch seam, and wouldn’t trust it as a belt holster. The battery tube is a machined or extruded type holder, a swiveling tail cap with the direction pins so you can’t screw it on wrong. Straight forward & simple. When you turn the light on with fresh batteries, the small LED indicator on the button is green. It turns to orange when the batteries get to around 60 or 70%, and red when it’s time to charge. Seems to be constant current though and detected no PWM. According the the manufacturer, the run-times are.. Low (30lm) 48hrs — Medium (200lm) 3hr 45min — High (600lm) 1hr 25min — Turbo (1100lm) 45min. The turbo run time is cumulative since it steps down after 3 minutes. After it steps down, you can click the button again to return to turbo and so on. I have no idea what batteries Thorfire used for these results. The UI is simple click to on, click through the modes, and hold for off. 3 seconds in any mode is memorized. Double click for the blinky while light is on or off. There is also a 1 lumen moonlight mode by holding the button down for 1 second while the light is off. Nothing more to it than that. The TK4A uses an XPL emitter and appears to be cool white. It’s a nice clear white with no blue tint. Shining on a wall, the hot spot has some very slight reflector distortion but you certainly can’t see it outdoors. It’s such a tiny amount that my camera can’t really pick it up shining it on the wall. And finally, an outdoor shot. Thorfire claims 1100 lumens. I have no way of testing this other than to take another light of similar claimed lumens and compare the two. I compared it to an Acebeam EC35 with a claimed 1200lm. This particular EC35 has a 4000k XPL HI in it, so it’s probably closer to around 1000 to 1100lm and it has a little more throw than flood. The two are not so different, so I believe Thorfire’s claimed output is about right. + or - Overall, I do like this light. This will live in my vehicle’s glove compartment. I personally won’t leave a rechargeable lithium ion flashlight in the vehicle. I believe temperature extremes are not good for those types of cells. However the TK4A using AA primaries is great for this application, and nice to have a 1000+lm flashlight running primaries in the car. Just make sure you either use lithium primaries (that won’t leak), or change out the alkaline’s once in a while. If you get an alkaline that leaks in this thing, it will be very difficult to clean it out. The battery tube does not separate from the head. Hope this was helpful

By Jose E. Antunez 17-03-21
Wonderful gadget. Only one little thing
Wonderful gadget. Only one little thing: when putting the flashlight in its carrying case, it is easy for it to turn itself on. A slide switch or a master on/off switch would have been an improvement.

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